Monday, June 15, 2015

I Need more Time to Blog...and to Cultivate a Few Personal Interests

The last month or two has been nutty around here.  Since mid March, actually.  I don't even know exactly what it is that has us running, and we're mostly having a great time doing a large variety of stuff, but's a little crazy.  It's no wonder we can't keep up with house mess!

Since Romeo and Juliet ended in mid April, the kids (and I) have been involved in piano (including their first ever recital - yay - and they did great!), swimming lessons, two nights/week of an intense bike riding program, sailing lessons, golf lessons, a bit of academic sort of stuff, trampolining, building forts and putting up tents and fire pits, roasting way too many wieners and marshmallows, playing with friends, being involved with our Learning Centre's weekly activities, art classes, Math classes, going on farm trips and to the theatre, taking horseback riding lessons (Seth), running errands, getting involved with church activities, playing games, staying up way too late, enjoying picnic lunch after picnic in the mostly-great weather we've been having (I am honestly so terribly sick of preparing picnic lunches, and we're in the early days of summer yet!), and on and on.  I also travelled to Vancouver for a delightful four days with family, to celebrate my nephew's graduation from high school.

Just tonight, Geoff's workplace took families to a pro baseball game and Matthew said (as he has a couple of times recently), "Mom, I have a great life - I can't imagine life being any better than it is."   And they do.  Life's not perfect and we are having challenges as well and, like every family (I hope), we fight and bicker and argue and then have to forgive each other.  But all in all, the kids are being exposed to so incredibly many things these days, and it is a great life they lead.

In addition, I decided recently that, now that the kids are a little older, it's time for me to branch out just a wee bit and do something that interests me outside of family...something that I feel somewhat called to.  So I've taken on a small volunteer role at our church, working with the new Pastor of Community Care to help vision-cast a program (that word sounds way too formal) for the women of our church.  That's taking a small amount of evening time, from time to time, and I'm also trying to spend a wee bit more time with my broad and interesting array of lovely friends on an 'extra curricular' basis.  So I've gotten busier outside of kid- and family-related things and, as a result, always feel a little behind the eight ball around the house.  I'd also love to start up a university course at some point (I want to study something that would be purely out of love of the subject, rather than for some objective or degree or something).  And I'd love, some day, to start French language lessons - I took some lessons briefly a number of years back and would really like to resume something like this.

But I digress...

Tomorrow the kids and are off to a provincial park for a day of fun with our Learning Centre, and I will (yes) be preparing another picnic lunch in the morning.  Sigh.

I'm hoping things wind down rather soon because I'd like to find some time to breathe, clean the house, and blog a little more frequently.  I miss writing more than I's something I love and am committed to, even in my small way via this blog.  I actually created two additional blogs last year (bet you didn't know that!), both born out of areas of specific interest that I have, but I haven't blogged on them even once...I can't even keep up with this one much less with two more.

So all of that to say that it's felt a little like running on a hamster wheel lately (again, in a good way), and I hope that things quiet down soon...I think they will in about two weeks.


  1. Glad you are still blogging and doing well. I was just thinking about you yesterday and how it would be great to get together again soon. I will be on vacation in 11 days. Hopefully something can work during the summer. Glad to hear you are doing a bit more for yourself. Happy picnicking with the kids.

  2. The fact that we haven't heard from you in over a month must mean that you are "cultivating your own interests" right? It's not that you're drowning in other responsibilities? Hope the summer is going well.