Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Well, Helllllooooooo!!

Ahhh.  I'm back.  I hope some of you good folk are, too.

It's good to be here.  Feels a little like coming home after a long time know that vacation-y feeling, I'm sure, when it's so good to get away but always good to return to home, too, where familiarity and routine and a bit of comfort await.

In the several years since I started blogging, I've never been absent for this long.  I didn't expect it, but apparently I needed the vacation from it.  I'm still not quite sure I'm fully ready to be back, but that's more of a time thing than anything else because when I stopped blogging a few months ago (I can't even remember what I was writing about back then...I'll need to go back and take a peek) the time I used to spend blogging got eaten up pretty much immediately by the rest of life's stuff, and it's hard to sneak that time away again, even for something I love.  And I need to love it in order to be here - because I've never wanted to advertise on my blog or make money off of it, for me to spend time on it means that I've gotta love it enough to make it worth the time.

And I do love it here.  It is worth it.  Maybe I won't be blogging as often, but I keep coming back to a few simple facts:  I love writing; I love interchange with you all; and I love keeping some form of record of what life is like in these crazy days that I know someday I will miss and will want to relive a little through the re-reading of what goes on here on my blog.

So thank you for the concerned and interested comments and emails (and Charity...your recent email was the final push to get me going again, so thanks for that), and for inspiring me to continue.

Talk again soon.  And I mean soon.