Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Four Years Ago Today...

...Geoff, Matthew, and I brought these two precious children into our lives and into our family forever.  Live changed dramatically in an instant, and there have been many bends in the road since that day, but I can't imagine things any differently!


 ...And Now.

(Performing Shakespeare!!)


  1. Wow, that's quite the milestone, Ruth. You have a beautiful family.

  2. I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful family. I have quietly lurked and read your blog for a few years now. I see such a big change in Seth's countenance. His face seems relaxed and his eyes filled with joy. You are doing good momma

  3. Thank you both for your kind words!! I look at my beautiful children some days and think 'how did I get so lucky?' Just tonight, at a baseball game, while the kids were eating too much junk food, Geoff and I remarked on how joyous Seth's countenance is compared to just a few short years ago. He has challenges, no doubt, as do they/we all, but he's soooo much more contented than not very long ago, and so much more relaxed.

    Thanks for sharing that observation, Anonymous, and for following along the blog for enough time to observe the change!!