Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Starting the Day Early

At 5:55am today, I woke Seth up.  This is highly unusual.  In fact, I don't recall ever waking Seth up for anything other than to catch a plane or something monumental like that (actually he usually wakes himself up on those occasions, too) - he's usually up by/before 6:00am.  But even my invincible and never-tired Seth is a wee bit tired (not that he'll admit it) because the dog's waking us all up a couple of times/night with a lot of very loud barking and yipping and screeching and howling.  (And yes, I'm making sure she has pee break opportunity).  I was so stinking tired this morning after being kept up so much that I dragged myself out bed, tucked Charlie under my arm, and went to see Seth, who was still asleep.

"Seth," I whispered, feeling like a 5-year-old.  "Are you awake??"

No answer.

"Seth," I whispered in a sing-songy voice, feeling like a complete and childish idiot but desperate enough to persist.  He'll be awake in minutes anyway, I thought, trying to justify what I was doing.  "Are you awake?"


"Mommy?" he groaned groggily.  "Is that you?"

"Yes, Seth," I said.  "Are you awake?"

"I am now," he said, something that later made me laugh.  "I'm still a wee bit sleepy though."

"I know you are, love," I continued.  "But it's a good thing you're my morning bird!  Wouldn't you like to play with Charlie for a while?"  I held her out enticingly, using her adorableness to full advantage.  I was practically begging.  "Sure you would," I continued.

"I guess so, sure," he replied with a croaky voice.  Ever loyal Seth, willing to sacrifice for one he loves (in this case, both Charlie and me)...thank goodness...I was counting on that this morning.  One of Seth's eyes opened to look at me and Charlie.  My guilt was overcome with relief.  His other eye opened.  Slowly he got to his feet and yawned.

"She needs to go out to do her business first, Seth," I announced as I handed the puppy to him.  "And you'll need to do that first before getting dressed - she needs to pee now.  Thanks Seth.  I'll be down in a while."

I left him with the puppy and practically ran back to bed.  I didn't sleep any more but whew...just a wee little longer to rest before starting the day.

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