Monday, April 20, 2015

The Week's Update: A Banner Week!

Last week was a very full week, following a very busy previous two weeks!

Between Tuesday and Thursday, the kids of our Learning Centre performed Romeo and Juliet four times.   Hundreds of people came to see them perform, and perform they did..spectacularly well!  Over and over I heard comments about how professional a production it was.  And it really was amazing.  I'll try to post a short video clip or two in the coming days.  I was so proud of all 24 kids, including my own.

On Thursday evening, after the last matinee performance, we had a really fun wind-up party.  We ate burritos and ice cream, talked and laughed, and basically celebrated the amazing accomplishments of the previous few days.  It was a great ending to a few very special weeks that will live long in our memories...we wondered how much withdrawal we would all experience after spending so much time with this community of people in recent weeks.

About an hour after we'd cleaned up the theatre on Thursday and began heading towards the after-party, I got an email.  It was from our dog breeder, saying that our puppy was ready to go home!  I was shocked, because I had anticipated waiting until the end of April for this news.  But there it was - she was ready.  I couldn't believe how absolutely perfect the timing was...the same day that the play ended our puppy was ready to go home.  In hindsight, knowing now how extraordinarily busy the past few weeks have been with the Romeo & Juliet prep, it would have been very difficult having a brand new puppy home (had the original puppy worked out).  So this timing was awesome...couldn't have been more perfect, really.

Friday, for the first time in a long time, the kids and I totally vegged at home.  It was lovely.  PJs most of the day; movie-watching; eating when and what we felt like.  Just totally relaxing.  I've still been recovering from a wicked case of the flu that's been lingering with me for two weeks, so Friday was a much needed day of rest for me.

Then, mid Saturday morning I drove out to the breeder's place south of the city, and picked up our little Charlie.  I was so excited to bring her home.  After the challenging decision about which puppy to bring home, this seemed so much like the right choice - after making the decision last week, all of my anxiety about the pup disappeared and I began to really look forward to having a dog in our lives.  We're at a great stage of life for a puppy:  We can be home a lot (especially now that the play is over); the kids are at an age where they can help out (though I don't believe in making children responsible for a pet); and the kids are somewhat easier maintenance now that they're getting a wee bit older.

And so it was a banner week:  Between the play and the puppy, I don't know how it could have been any better.

Coming soon:  How the kids reacted to the puppy...the surprise of their young lives!

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