Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Old Blog Post Resurfaces

I get a surprisingly high number of hits every single week (about 80+/week!) to a blog post that I wrote just over three years ago, so I thought I'd share it again here today.  The post was, essentially, an unsolicited plug for Gordon Neufeld's book, Hold On to Your Kids, which certainly wasn't the most well written book I've ever read, but which marked a huge milestone in the transformation of my parenting approach and style and outlook.

I just re-read this post from August 2010, and completely agree with every word I wrote in it...whew...that's a relief!  I wrote the post pre-adoption, and I would now have to doubly agree with everything I wrote about it as it concerns adoption - Neufeld's synthesis of attachment and maturation research, and the developmental approach to parenting, are equally applicable to adopted and biological children.

Having taken numerous Neufeld courses since the writing of that post, and being currently immersed in my first six-month intensive study of developmental theory, I'd have to say that a developmental approach to parenting is the only approach I now aspire to in my parenting.  Check in with me in, say, a decade or two, and we'll talk about how well it worked out!

Anyway, here's the link to that blog post in case any recent readers of my blog are interested!

Hold On To Your Kids - Warning...Opinions!

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