Sunday, September 8, 2013

Responding to a Comment

Tracy, because you commented on a post that was a few weeks old, I didn't want you to miss my responsive comments.  So, if you go to this link (A Few More Comments About the Fairness Post) you'll see my return comments at the bottom.  Thanks so much for engaging in this conversation, Tracy - I wish it happened more often because they are such important discussions to have for our kids' futures.



  1. Thanks so much for your response Ruth. It really gave me something to think about. It was a good reminder that I am often too quick to try and solve the immediate problem at hand rather than thinking deeper about the kids development and how situations and experiences impact them. I really appreciate your perspective!

  2. You know, Tracy, I think that we all too often (myself included) jump waaay too fast into trying to solve the issues and behaviours with our kids and we simply don't realize or forget that they cannot learn when they're in the heightened emotional states we're in. We lecture them way too quickly and to often...instead, I aspire to let them learn to live in their emotions and some issues I'll choose to address later...and sometimes never. I know first hand how hard this is b/c my own buttons get pushed, but too often I'm acting only b/c my buttons get pushed and not because it's in my kid's best interest.

    ANyway, great conversation going here.