Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Über Energy

On the final day of the boys' soccer camp last week, I took a few minutes at the end of the day to thank their coaches.  I also spoke with the three coaches who'd spent the most time with the boys, and asked about their observations of, and suggestions for, the boys.  They all thought very well of the boys, and had a number of insightful comments.

But one coach made me laugh when talking about Seth.

He shook his head and said:  "I have been working with kids all over North America for the past three years and I have never met a kid like Seth.  He has more energy than any kid I've ever worked with and he has grit and determination that is unusual in adults.  He never, ever stops, no matter what.  His energy, man..."

I can't say I'm surprised but I laughed out of a feeling of relief that someone else sees what we live with...the kid's amazing...freaking tiring, but amazing.

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