Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mama Break Anticipation

I love being with my children and consider myself a lucky mama to be able to spend pretty much all of my time with of the perks of learning at home.  That being said, I definitely benefit from short breaks and I'm about to enjoy five such breaks.

This coming week, for the first time, all three kids are going to morning basketball camp...that leaves me with five, five mornings all to myself.  I feel like a mom sending her kids off to kindergarten because the kids will be there from 9-noon each day!

I'm rather conflicted about how to spend these hours.  Should I get to work on a bunch of projects that are desperately waiting for attention around the house?  Or should I take the opportunity to sit for five mornings in my home library or in a Starbucks reading one of the books I've been dying to read?  I really don't know which way the wind will blow yet...I'll likely land somewhere in the middle.

There are a few larger-scale projects that have been hanging over my head for a year or more.  I wouldn't be able to get them all done over the course of five mornings, but I could certainly make a big dent in them.  The three projects that come most readily to mind are:

* cleaning out our master bedroom closet - it really, really needs a once-over...a purging, reorganizing, and cleaning.

* sorting through the piles of kids' stuff that has been labeled and dated but merely dumped in a pile for future dealing with.  About a year ago I purchased containers for each kid that are waiting to have paper treasures stored away but I just haven't done it yet.

* the biggest project of them all is going through the basement storage room:  Purging; and re-organizing.  This is the job I most dread of all of the projects that need attention in the house.

I could probably get either the first two done or the last one by itself (maybe not quite, in fact, but close).

Either way, I have much to anticipate for the coming week.

P.S.  Lizzie's great anticipation for the coming week is getting to use the pink thermal lunch bag in which I will pack her snacks every day.  She is borderline-obsessed with that yet-unused lunch bag and so I am starting to come up with  snack ideas that will meet her expectations for a sensational snack opportunity!

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