Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Breaking Dawn - Part II

OK, so if any of you have been hanging around here for a length of time, you'll know about me that I'm a reluctant, out-of-the-closet Twilight fan.  I started reading the books after they were all published and had no intention of enjoying them...but did...despite the poor grammar...I think I read them all in a weekend and clearly remember hitting 3:00am on one of those nights of reading.  The book was based on Pride and Prejudice, I kept reminding myself as a means of justifying my interest in this innocent love story between vampire boy and human girl.  When the third movie was released about two years ago, I was one of the crazy forty-something women standing in line with the teeny-boppers at nine o'clock in the evening waiting for the opening ten pm premiere...yes, that was me you saw.

The last of the (five) Twilight movies was released last week.  I briefly contemplated attending the 10:00 pm premiere again last Thursday night, but quickly decided that I'd pay for it a little too heavily at pre-dawn the next morning when my kids would be raring to go for the day.  So I saw it on Saturday (and Hilary, I'm hoping to see it again with you in the near future!).

I'm sad to say good-bye to Edward and Bella, now that their story has ended...or rather, moved on into their happily-ever-after.  But simultaneously, I confess to being glad that the series is at rest now and that I don't have to wait for another flipping year to see the next one.

I thought it was a really good movie.  Not as overtly romantic as the other four, and the first movie will always be my favourite, but it was really good, IMHO.  As my sister said, this is the one movie out of the five where the story actually moved beyond 'just' Bella - where there was a community featured, and a family to fight for.  In a positive way, the story wasn't just Bella-Bella-Bella focused.  But speaking of Bella, her new vampire (and mother) status didn't seem nearly as strange as I thought it would and I thought the script writers and directors did a great job of her transition.  There were a few things I missed (such as a greater presence of Billy Burke, the actor who plays Bella's father) but I thought the ending was perfect, and true to the book, and I liked the surprise they included in the fight scene near the end.  The soundtrack was great, the scenery spectacular, and the new characters fitting.

All in all, I'd give it a two-thumbs up.  Any other Twi-hard fans want to chime in with their opinions??


  1. I soooo want to see it Ruth!!!--I'm begging my niece to come down so I have an excuse to take her with me to see it! I don't want to be the old lady that goes and watches it on her own--oh dear...

  2. Oh who cares!! If she doesn't want to come, go anyway. My favourite way of seeing these movies has been by myself (though don't tell my hubbie that, cause he went with me this time). Much easier to smile and blubber away, or whatever, if one is by oneself and anonymous!

    Go see it!!


  3. Thanks Ruth! I should just bite the bullet and do it!!!
    Jenn G.