Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Watch Him Shine

I wanted to add something to my thoughts about Seth yesterday.  Over the past couple of months, Geoff and I have both been noticing something quite distinctly:  Seth is happier than he used to be; more settled somehow.

My seriously intense middle child has been smiling and laughing more; getting into more mischief (a great sign that he's increasingly secure); and almost daily I hear him singing some goofy song as he putters about the house.  He's less of an alpha-in-need-of-control kind of boy these days and more willing to believe and accept that we have his (and his siblings') best interests at heart.  He's showing signs of a sense of humour (little things, like pretending to give Geoff something he'd asked for and pulling it away from him at the last second and then laughing at his own funniness when Geoff grabbed the air instead of the desired object); has recently begun to show signs that he can be just a wee bit flexible when I want to bend a rule for a day; climbs more readily into our laps for a hug or cuddle; occasionally even agrees to a three-second hug from his brother (as long as I count it out!); and seems to want to please his parents because he loves them rather because he's fearful and in need of presenting himself as perfect.

He's a complex, smart, shy, helpful, multi-layered, focused, hard-working, hugely observant, extremely athletic and fast (as in, he's-going-to-be-sought-after fast), gentle-way-down, deep-feeling, why-asking, loosening-up little boy who is finding his place in this new world of his.  Keep your eye on this kid because he's going to be all that and more.  I'm predicting it now:  ABCs or no ABCs, the world is going to be Seth's oyster.

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