Thursday, November 22, 2012

Matthew's Prayer

On Tuesday night, while I was tucking Lizzie into bed a little on the late side, I guess Matthew decided to take it upon himself to tuck Seth in (which Seth apparently tolerated only because he knew I was coming shortly).  I came into the boys' bedroom just in time to see Matthew put his hand on Seth's tummy and begin to pray for him.

Sounds sweet, right?

Yeah, to this point it was sweet.  He prayed for Seth, and asked that God protect him and keep him safe and healthy and happy and help him to have a good sleep.

Still all good.

Then he prayed this, which I immediately went and wrote down:

"Thanks, God, for brave and strong Seth; thank you for courageous Lizzie with her big heart; thank you that I'm their brother; thank you for Super Dad; and about Mom...hmm...well, God, thanks for Mom...hard to know how to describe her...thanks for cooking and homeschooling Mom, for Mom who knows how to make us feel better, for Bad Mom who's bad news when she's telling us what to do or having a bad day.  So thanks for her too.  Amen."

He stumbled to an end because he and Seth were laughing so hard about his description of me as Bad Mom.  Sheesh!  Oh well, I guess I got more of his air time than anyone else - I better just be thankful for the small things!

Man, I got great kids.


  1. Too funny. I overheard my three year old praying the other day to "please let my daddy have a good day at work, because sometimes he comes home grumpy."
    I love what these kids say!

  2. Too funny! It's so hard to articulate feelings for Mom, whether you're young or old!

  3. Matthew is so nuanced! What a delightful child. How great that he and Seth could laugh in God's presence!

  4. BAWHAHAHA!!!--I'm in the SAME boat!!! (Mom's mean, Daddy is AWESOME!!!)

  5. Yeah, I don't know what it is but I keep hearing from women friends about how the dads are the 'good guys' and the moms are...well, just kinda always THERE! I'm sick of being the bad guy!! :))