Monday, March 12, 2012

Marry and Bury

Lizzie has the hardest time remembering the distinction between the words "marry" and "bury."  She is fascinated with both concepts and so they end up being (mis)used in conversation on a regular basis.  She can spot a cemetery before any of the rest of us and will ask, as we drive by, whether she will be married there.  And when she sees pictures of a bride in a magazine, she will ask if "that lady be buried in that dress?"  She regularly tells me that she loves me so much that when she grows up she "want to bury you, Mommy" and points to my wedding ring.  This morning, while trying on my wedding band she said "when I grown up, Mommy, I want to be buried and have a wedding ring on my finger."

She's doing so well with language acquisition that I love these persistent little slip-ups...reminds me of the days when Matthew used to refer to his beloved chocolate as "shoshlate."  I never wanted that to change either.


  1. Super cute! Our daughter got kitchen and chicken mixed up for so long-I loved it.