Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Unappreciative Rats (j.k.)

I just never know what the kids are going to like.

This afternoon, I spent a fair bit of time making what I thought was a treat for the kids' afternoon snack:  Apple Fritters.  It was a recipe I'd sampled years ago but had never made because it involved deep frying...which I've never done.  But today I made the effort and served up these delicate little morsels to the kids.

I thought they were pretty darn good.  But my opinion (clearly) was not the consensus.

Matthew's response:  "They're ok, I guess.  I like tim bits from Tim Hortons way better though.  One bite of these is plenty."

Seth's response (smacking lips and frowning...as if he's some kind of food critic):  "Hmmm.  I'd say they're bad to medium.  Do I have to finish it?"

Lizzie's response (no hesitation):  "Yuck.  They look terrible.  I don't want one.  May I please have cucumbers from lunch?"

Seth right away demanded cucumbers too.

Cucumbers instead of apple fritters??  Who are these children?

I'm never making fritters again.  And now what do I do with the leftover oil from deep frying?


  1. I've been diligently eating things like cucumbers and carrots with dip for my snacks today (likely a one-day departure from the norm). Looking at your photos is making me salivate. How long would those stay fresh in the mail??

  2. Mmmmm....those look fantastic! I would definitely choose one of your fritters over cucumbers - your kids are hilarious! :) and you may have just ruined my diet because now I need donuts....

  3. I think they look delicious! I love apple fritters, especially fresh ones - and with icing sugar? Yummy! Silly kids.

  4. Seth's comment "bad to medium" made me cringe for your feelings, then cracked me up. Apple fritters are one of my favourite things, and it's hard to find good ones. So, add me to your list of people who are salivating over your picture of your works of culinary art!

  5. My husband would loooooove if I made those! Kids are tough critics.

  6. I just showed these to my family and they are drooling on the computer. Greg says use the oil to make more fritters and he will eat them. Have a good day.

  7. Thanks for the comments folks. "Silly kids" is right!