Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Fruit of Passion Tea.

So, I think I got hit on a little this past a guy.  Granted he was a little strange, but not so strange that I couldn't enjoy the flattery just a little.

I was enjoying my Thursday night off.  I'd gone out for dinner with a couple of friends, and then made my way to a Chapters store to buy the book I needed for my next book club meeting.  Book in hand, I picked up some herbal tea from the Starbucks inside the book store and found myself a comfy arm chair in which to sit and read for a while in solitude and relative silence.  I was about twenty pages in when I heard a voice beside me.  I looked up and saw a man standing there.  He was in his mid-thirties, I'd say, and he was asking for the time (I guess seeing my bare, watchless wrists weren't clue enough).  I apologized for not wearing a watch and said that I didn't know the time.  He asked what I was reading, and told me the name of a book that he was in the middle of.   blah blah blah blah blah.  Then he introduced himself and stuck out his hand, which I shook.  I forget what he asked me next, but his next questions were to enquire whether he could bring over his cup of coffee and would I be interested in chatting for a few minutes.

Now, I gotta tell you that I almost laughed out loud.  Because I found the situation just so funny on a number of levels.  First, though I have nice facial features, I think (that's what they always say about overweight people anyway), I really don't have a body that would inspire lust in most men!  Second, I'm in my mid-forties...not exactly a prime era for being picked up.  Third, and most important in my contemplation of laughter, I was sitting there a depressed woman starved for time by herself and it struck me that every moment I spent talking to this man was a moment taken away from what I most needed.  There was a sense of the ridiculous about that moment and I think my mouth must have curved up a little because he smiled back at me.

I sighed loudly, and this is what I said:  "Brian, I gotta tell you...I have a very loud life and three children and a husband at home, and while I'm sure you're a very lovely person, what I am doing here at the bookstore tonight is trying to find a time of solitude and quiet so that I can face them all again tomorrow. So no, while I appreciate your offer, I will not be chatting with you tonight.  But thanks for asking."

End of story.  He apologized for intruding and said it was nice to meet me anyway; he then made his way back to his table, where coffee and computer awaited him.  Incidentally, I noticed as he walked back to his table that he was wearing a watch - I felt like calling him back to suggest that the next time he asked a woman for the time, he might first consider sliding his timepiece into his pocket!

I tucked myself a little deeper into my armchair and opened my book again.

Anyway, for a tired, depressed, overweight and overworked woman, the night turned out to be not so shabby.  The next time I'm feeling low, I might just put that same shirt back on (it was a good colour on me and revealing of just a little bit of cleavage) and head back to the same Starbucks.  It seems like my order of passion tea was just the ticket for my ego.


  1. Oh what fun! It's been a long time since I was hit on and longer since I was in a place to say no thanks! That's delightful.

  2. I laughed when I pictured poor, rejected Brian with his wristwatch on!

  3. I love this-and I love how you still got your alone time! :)

  4. Love this story! And yeah.... poor brian. Put the wristwatch away, Brian.