Monday, March 5, 2012

192 Pieces.

It's fascinating to see Seth's brain gradually kicking into gear.  He may not be ready for a traditional academic curriculum yet, but wow is he developing.  His ability to concentrate is pretty amazing for a boy of six, and I can almost see the cogs of his brain clicking into place when he works on puzzles.  Just months ago, this boy simply could not figure out how to put together a 2-piece puzzle!  In December, he put together his first 100 piece puzzle...and now he's moved on to the next challenge.

Last week, Seth finished his first 200 piece puzzle!

He worked on it for about an hour/day, for four consecutive days.  And he did it!  Well, to be specific, two puzzle pieces were missing, and Matthew and I helped him fit six pieces in on day #3 when Seth was momentarily frustrated.  But that means Seth put together 192 pieces.  And I've done that puzzle before; it's not an easy one.

Lizzie has been coming along in this regard, too.  On the weekend, she completed a 30 piece puzzle for the first time; up til now, she's completed 2 piece, 15 piece, and 24 piece puzzles.  Next up?  A 48-piece Fairy Dora puzzle that glitters...she started it this morning (though tired of it a while later)!

Matthew is about to start his first 300 piece puzzle.  I think he's going to find it frustrating, because it's a hard one...but he is in need of a good challenge, I think.

I've made a few trips to Walmart and Superstore in the past few weeks, trying to find good (and inexpensive) puzzles for them to work on.  Gotta keep these kids motivated and I can't think of anything I'd rather have them work on than a challenging puzzle.  Every piece that they put into place just makes me think that another piece is getting connected in their young brains.   Yay for puzzles!

Seth working on his 200-piece puzzle.  I love the way he sits when he's working on a puzzle, with one leg tucked under him and an utterly absorbed look on his face.

He was so proud of himself when he finished!

Lizzie upon finishing her first 30 piece puzzle.

A common sight around here these days: everyone working on a puzzle!

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