Sunday, March 4, 2012



I waited, oh, so many years
For my first child to come.
My heart felt overcome with love
When eyes beheld my son.

I looked into his dark blue eyes
And fell so much in love.
I knew he was my blessed gift
From One who lives above.

I loved that babe and the boy who crawled,
The toddler he was, too.
He walked and talked and talked and talked,
And all the while he grew.

He's now so lean and muscular
But more than that he's kind.
His gentle soul is fragile, true,
That's how he was designed.

His heart is soft, his mind is quick
He brightens every day.
He loves his God too, ever more,
What more can I but pray?

The years they pass too quickly now,
I want to hold him here.
To stop for just a little while
Before we fill more years.

But that won't happen in this life
I need to seize the day
I'll treasure him and teach him that
He is the Potter's clay.

So now he's eight my sweet sweet boy
It simply can't be true.
But 'sure enough' he tells me now,
His year is starting new.

I'm very proud of who he is
The man he'll yet become.
There's no one I would rather have
To call my child than him.


And now...

This afternoon & evening...


  1. Hope it was a great birthday! I always think of Matthew now as he and the twins share March 4th.

    Here's to a great year,

  2. Happy (very!) late birthday, Matthew! Love these 'then and now' photos.