Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love in the Air.

I'm a few days late posting about Valentine's Day, but oh well.

We had a pretty fun time around fact, we celebrated for two days instead of one.  We crafted, painted, baked, ate, decorated, cooked, ate some more, surprised a few friends and family with cookies delivered to their door on Valentine's Day morning, munched on candy and chocolate and jelly beans, had my folks over for dinner and a chocolate fondu, and told each other countless times throughout all of this what we loved about each other.  My kids were pretty sparkly for these Valentine's days.  Their favourite parts were the fondue, and eating cinnamon buns from McDonalds while driving around first thing in the morning (we left the house at 7:45am) delivering a few packages of cookies!  Oh, and they loved the rule about eating one jelly bean after each cookie delivery...they'd climb back into the van and stand like little birds with their mouths open waiting for me to pop one cute...they couldn't believe it was a rule!

Matthew and Lizzie are always ready to express their love, and for sure this week, Geoff and I were the recipients of lots of lovin' from them.  Even Seth, my more reluctant professor of love, managed to grind it out a couple of times.  Once, after telling him that I loved him, he said "I love you, too," and said it in a voice that sounded as if he was crushing gravel with it!  Another time, after telling him again that I loved him, I asked if he loved me, too.  His answer (sounding more hostile than loving!)?  "Yes, ooookkkk already?"  All righty then.

I'd say that our first Valentine's Day as a completed family was a big successes; we had a lot of fun, and it reflected the growing amount of love in our family!

Here were a few highlights...

...we baked and decorated cookies (with a friend who was over)...

...packaged a bunch up to take to a few friends and family
...Ate fun sandwiches for lunch

...added red jello and pink smoothies to our lunch (and no veggies)

...made the kids' favourite dinner (Chicken/Bean Cassoulet with brown rice) and had my parents over.  We even had red juice, in favour of the usual milk or water.

...and had a fondue dessert with my parents at dinner time...a first for Seth and Lizzie (they loved it)


  1. What a great way to spend loving on each other.
    I love all the pics!
    You are such a fun Momma.


  2. I love that your dad has a pink heart in his pocket!