Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Trio

A few shots of my three, all taken this past week.  I can't decide which pictures are my favourites, so I decided to just include them all.

Look at Matthew's face...and then look at his hand around Lizzie's shoulder.  Then look at Lizzie's face. He just pinched her!!


  1. Love these pictures! Those couches certainly are a "springboard" for creativity with them. lol

  2. Your chldren are sweet! I love their spunk and energy.


  3. Love the pictures Ruth. The pinching one made me laugh!

  4. I love these pictures!

    I find one a little worrisome. You can see right through Seth's head in one of them!The one where they are curling their tongues.

    They are all really great!!!

  5. Your three may not share genes for hair or skin but they all have the tongue curling gene! I think that's cool.

  6. how fun! And I love the hair cut- he looks so grown up! But oh I remember Paulos's first hair cut once home- seeing those many inches of hair fall on the floor like a small rodent, made me so sad... I'm a bit behind on blog reading/blogging- lots of thoughts swirling but have taken to more journal writing lately and less time on the computer.
    I wish we could chat in person!