Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You are Awesome!

I need to say this:  I have the most awesome readers, like, ever!  It occurred to me recently that I almost always get comments when I post.  In fact, I looked back to mid summer last year, and I could find only six posts that had no comments attached to them...and that's saying something because I post quite a lot!

It's no wonder that I love blogging...because it feels like a dialogue or a friendship circle of sorts!  I said to Geoff recently that I bet we could do a road trip across Canada and meet with some of my online friends in pretty much every major (and many smaller) centres on route.  I'd also say that, based on where the hits on my blog come from, I'd also have the opportunity to meet with online friends from many other parts of the world, too:  the United States; the U.K (there are some regular followers from London, England, and let me tell you that I truly hope to visit there some day!); Australia; the United Arab Emirates; South Africa; and on and on.  I'd love to visit every one of these places.  It astounds me, and I do hope to get to meet some of you over time, and give you a hug, and get to know you a bit face-to-face!

So anyway...thank you!!  Thanks for supporting my blog (and me!), for commenting so regularly, and for continuing to read.  I am blessed by you all.



  1. Well, I couldn't let that post go by without a comment for you! :-) I love reading your blog and keeping in touch that way!
    I hope we can reunite in Ethiopia again!

  2. Oh Ruth ,

    All the thanks must go to you , who finds the time to express your heart with grace and humour.
    I am always here even if I do not always comment , this is often the case when I feel we could talk for hours on a post.
    I do look forward to our connection each day.
    Thanks for writing and sharing.

  3. You are awesome!! It's a gift to read your blog. xx

  4. I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. Blogging is so much more than writing in a journal. Connecting with people that are going through the same thing that we are going through has helped me through all the rough days and all the good days.

  5. Thanks guys!! Love being here with you.

    Shannon, isn't it time YOU started a blog??


  6. HI Ruth ,

    haha my blog would be empty , I do not even manage to comment on all the great blog posts I do read.
    No worries if the day come I will share.