Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inching Along towards Visas.

Just minutes ago, we received an email attaching two of the three documents that we need before our file can be shipped off to Nairobi for the processing of the kids' visas:  we got a translation of the Ethiopian court's adoption decree; and we got copies of the kids' passports.  We're still waiting for both kids' new birth certificates, which I'm hoping to receive in the next few days.  I can hardly wait for that document, because it's the one which notes Geoff and me as the children's parents.

Once we receive the birth certificates, our agency ships our file from Addis to Nairobi (which is where Canada's High Commission is located), and then the real wait for visas begins.

This is a definite step in the right direction, and it's thrilling to have concrete proof that we passed court almost three weeks ago.  Yay!!


  1. Looking forward to hear that GREAT news Ruth!!

  2. Ruth;
    Hope all your docs will make it to Nairobi really soon and you have your kids` visa shortly.

  3. whoohoo! that is fantastic news. :)

  4. Ruth, your BCs already exist. You wouldn't have the PPTs without them. I hope they turn up in your email pronto....along with the additonal new photo of each of your kids. ;)

  5. That is awesome news Ruth! So happy for your family and thank you for your comments on the forum and my blog - your kindness and encouragement are very much appreciated :)

  6. Yeah! Progress! Celebrate every little step along the way to your children!

  7. yahoo !!!!!!!! Ruth

    So happy to read this one step closer ..............

    It makes me so happy to be able to celebrate each new step I bet seeing the doc's in the email must have given you goosebumps , look forward to hearing about the new birth certificates.