Thursday, January 6, 2011

Never Thought I'd Say It...

...but I'm kinda (well, at least a little) excited to be getting a bunch of needles next week!

I just booked appointments for Geoff and me to have all of our shots next week, in anticipation of our travel next month.

I've never been all that great with needles, to be honest, even those tiny little flu shots.  When Matthew and I went in November to get our flu shots, it was me wanting to hang onto the little teddy bear they offered him as a measure of comfort and distraction.  I never actually asked for the bear, but I wanted to snatch it from him.

Matthew's surprisingly a great model for me when it comes to getting a needle.  In addition to have his flu shot, Matthew recently had his five-year vaccinations (yes, a year late, I know, it's awful, my bad, etc) and one of them was the into-the-muscle super painful kind.  The kid was scared, but oh-so-brave; he shed not a tear and had to keep assuring the astounded doctor afterwards that he was really and truly ok and not needing to cry.  I looked on in amazement at the kid who cries buckets full when whacking his head or stubbing his toe on something...we relive those owies over and over again at home.  But I figure that if Matt can exhibit such resilience and strength in face of his needle anxieties, surely I, too, can buck up and be brave when I have to hold out my trembling arm.

On second thought, maybe I can sneak along one of Matthew's teddies.


  1. No worries Ruth, you're not alone! While we don't have a court date yet, I've had multiple dreams of being in Africa and frantic because I forgot to get immunized, so I'm heading to the travel clinic next week too...scared as all get out, but can't show it....(I don't want to give my husband any material to use against!) so I guess we'll both put on our brave faces! Good luck! I'm not sure what will hurt more though, the needles or the bill!


  2. I always dread the needles, and it never is as big a deal as I think it's going to be. Had my tetanus shot today, and the actual needle was fine, but my arm felt like it was going to fall off later in the day.

  3. I'm a needle-phobe too! I hate them and am dreading my travel shots!

    Question: Are you guys getting the rabies shot that others were discussing on the boards? I would like to take our kids and travel to Lalibela and to meet any birth family if possible, and I am a bit worried about wild dogs and other strays... Just wondering what you decided on!