Friday, January 7, 2011

More Parenting Classes to Come

I still haven't finished processing, or writing about, the Attachment-based parenting classes that Geoff and I participated in last fall, and yet we are about to begin another series of classes:  "Power to Parent 2: Helping Children Grow Up."  In fact, Geoff and I will be hosting (not facilitating) the Saturday afternoon sessions: four in the next month; and the remaining four in March/April.  These sessions are, again, based on the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, whose findings resonate for me so deeply.

Simultaneously, as if one parenting course weren't enough, I will be participating in another series of Neufeld-centered parenting classes on Friday evenings during the same time period!  This series is called "Power to Parent 3:  Challenges."  Geoff will stay home with Matthew these evenings, and I will attend by myself...but make him read the materials that go along with the videos!  Though it's a bit much to be doing two series of classes at the same time, I'm very interested in these Friday sessions because they will deal much more deeply with what happens when there are problems in attachment/relationship/parenting.  Of course, given the stage of life that Geoff and I are (hopefully) about to enter with two new children, I think this will be highly relevant for us.  Thus, prior to our children coming home, we will have developed (I hope) a few new tools in our took kit with which to help them transition into our family.  Though it will be a very intensive time, the timing is perfect in other ways.

I'll do my best, in the next few months, to write a bit more frequently about things that I am learning or thinking about or struggling with as we undergo the classes.  The principles are relevant not only for children of adoption, but for bio kids as well;  in fact, they were designed first with bio children in mind, I believe, but oh-so-relevant for children of adoption.  Hopefully there's something there that many of us can benefit from.

More to come.


  1. Hi Ruth,

    I haven't logged onto your website for awhile as it's been a bit crazy around here. A couple of things I wanted to tell you:
    (1) I am SO thrilled for you that your court date is set, and in a few weeks no less! What a blessed Christmas gift that was.
    (2)I too have had my share of public crying, and it's so understandable. You must be going through such a depth of emotions right now, and really needed the catharsis of those tears. I say let them come!
    (3) Thanks for the much anticipated booklist. Thanks in a large part to you, my hold list at the library has grown to gargantuan proportions!
    (4) I'd love to hear more about your attachment parenting. It's a topic that really interest me, and I look forward to hearing about the classes.

    Glad you had so much fun on your trip! :)

  2. I think the timing of these classes could not be more perfect. You will be too busy to take them once the kids are home and your brain will not be as sharp then either. You will also go into these classes with the questions and thoughts about how this will relate to your new children and your parenting of them.