Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Good Morning, Sunshine"

I woke up a few minutes ago with early morning sunshine streaming in through my window - how lovely.  When I was a kid, my mom used to come in to my room and wake me up with a rendition of the song:  "Good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning (the note peaks here) merry sunshine, good morning to you."  I can hear it in my head even now.  What wasn't quite so pleasant was the accompanying sound that she made while whipping up the three window blinds, transitioning my room from very dark to very light in, oh, about three seconds flat.  Yikes - that was a waker-upper.

These days, I don't often have to wake my own kid up, but when I do, his preferred method means of being woken up is by back scratch (who wouldn't prefer this method, I guess!).  When I enter his room on those mornings, some part of him must be conscious of my presence because he invariably flips onto his stomach as I walk towards his bed.  He loves those scratches!  When I hear him utter his first groan of contentment, I am assured that he's awake.  Then, and only then, would it be advisable to wish him a quietly spoken "good morning, sunshine!"

Speaking of sunshine, looks like some is headed our way.  After about ten days of mostly cloudy, rainy, cooler weather, we're headed back towards the sunshiny kind of weather that we started spring early with.  I just looked at the Environment Canada website and, aside from a couple of scattered clouds, the forecast for the next week or so is covered with sun images.  I guess that means that, after three weather-related cancellations in the past two weeks, Matthew's softball is on later today!

So...I wish you a warm, sunshiny kinda day, too - may it be a good one, wherever you are.  Good morning, sunshine!

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