Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Chapter Closes

Matthew has been attending Kindermusik classes for the past almost-five years.  It's been a weekly part of our routine for a long, long time already.  He has one more year to go before he 'graduates' from the Kindermusik program.  For the past three-and-a-half of those years, in addition to being mostly with the same kids, Matthew's had the same teacher, whom he has really loved: Kim.  It's been a pretty tight group for at least a couple of years.  About a month ago, Kim announced to the class that this was her last term teaching Kindermusik...that she has had to make a hard decision to spend more time with her own kids on weekends.  We are sorry to lose her, and Matthew has shed more than a few tears over her departure.

Sunday afternoon was Kim's last day teaching music class, as well as the last music class of the spring for Matthew.  As per usual after class, the kids swarmed her and enveloped her with hugs. Yesterday Matthew reached her first, closely followed by the others:

In addition to having a great voice and being very talented musically, Kim has two boys of her own and has been great at understanding Matthew and engaging him in music and music learning.  Here's a picture of the last class together.

And one last one of Matthew with his teacher:
We'll miss you, Kim!

* Thanks for the comment, Mim - if I find it this hard to say good-bye to an early childhood teacher, I can only imagine how hard it will be later on in Matthew's childhood when a good teacher moves on from his life!

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  1. It's so hard saying goodbye to people who have been a special part of your kid's life, especially in those early years. I get a little teary when my kids have to move on from a really good teacher even now but I was terrible when they were in pre-school!