Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creative Ways to Justify Bathroom Words

Matthew and I have been playing a lot of games in the past few weeks (sometimes while still in our jammies, as below!), including one called "GNU."  It's a word game in which you have to make up three-letter words out of letters that you are randomly given; perfect practice for Matthew.

You can imagine how thrilled he was a couple of weeks ago when he was allowed to spell a word that he's normally not allowed to say outside the bathroom...can you see the delight on his face??

Almost as good, with the letters he pulled, he was able to create more words than me (his words are the bottom pile) he won the game.  What a red letter start to the day for him!

* Mim, thanks for the comment.  How utterly ironic that, of all things, you commented on my table top!  It has, indeed, been well used for many, many years, to the point where we were actually having to avoid parts that might give us splinters.  It's so funny to me that you commented about it because, just in the past few days, we finally replaced it!!  The table in the picture is about to be picked up by an organization called "Helping Hands," which will refinish and give it to a recently-landed immigrant family which has no furniture yet other than a couple of mattresses; they will also be receiving a lovely futon/bed frame from us and a couple of oak storage cabinets.  I'm glad that the table will go on being used...and used...and used.  Have a great day, Mim!
* Laura, I think that your Sara and my Matthew are about the same age. I laughed when you commented that when she was younger, she would go into the bathroom and repeatedly say the 'bathroom words.'  I'm also impressed that she stopped doing this when she was younger - Matthew STILL does that on occasion.  Just yesterday, he disappeared into the bathroom and I heard him saying:  "poopy floor; poopy doorknob; poopy sink; poopy mirror..."  Anything just to be able to use the word!


  1. I love that the surface of your table looks a lot like the surface of our table. Though ours has some nice paint and ink stains too. That's a table that's been used :-)

  2. Oh, you have got to love the bathroom words - when Sara was younger and we caught her saying bathroom words, we would tell her that those words were only for in the bathroom - so she would go in the bathroom and say "pee pee poo poo" over and over again. I guess we asked for that one...


  3. i thought for sure it was going to be "ass"... your kid is still pretty clean! still here with you, every now and then! sk