Tuesday, April 13, 2010


...A Manitoba family received a referral today of a 2.5 year old boy!  Granted, it's not our referral, but it is the first referral given to a Manitoba family by Imagine Adoption.  That's awesome.

Now, let's get on to ours.  Man, will that be a post I will love writing!


  1. Ruth

    Ok goosebumps from head to toe !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think I will be a basket case if it was actually you.

    I am amazed each time I hear about a referral, even though it is not someone I know the joy takes over my whole body. I can not wait for each and every family to be matched and celebrate. I think I can really say this will be one part of the journey I will miss, Ok here's to another week and thanks for sharing this news

    Congrats new family how exciting a 2 year old bet he is pretty cute .


  2. We are both NEXT baby!!!!! Hold tight...it's coming - I feel it. Two more MB referrals on there way!