Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Activities

Last week was an emotionally hard week for me, with all of the ups and downs of long adoption journey, and as we approach our two-year mark in Ethiopia.  So I was ready for a good weekend.  Thankfully, we had one:
  • Matthew had his third 3-on-3 hockey practice - I'm glad to report that his skating is (slowly, painstakingly) improving, especially with some one-on-one time with one of the coaches.  He's actually starting to 'push off' a little with his right skate - to say that he's gliding on it would be an overstatement, but it's a start!
  • Matthew's Kindermusik class.  Matthew's been in Kindermusik for about five years and he still likes it.  He's learning to read music, and to play the glockenspiel.
  • I went for a pedicure (lovely!) - I have dark purple/black toenails now and much smoother feet than usual!
  • Pizza dinner with family here (see previous post), after Geoff and my dad spent an afternoon putting together shelving for our living-room-to-be-turned-into-a-library.  The shelving's coming along great; the long wall of shelves is done now, and I'm about ready to start loading them with books. I'm so excited about this project.  
  • I enjoyed a late Saturday evening out with a dear friend - we went to a comedy festival night that CBC was filming, and it was great...I think I benefited from the laughing.
  • Church
  • We shopped for a table and chairs for our deck - a set that looks decent on a small budget...a tall order!  We have a bit hunting to do.
  • We shopped at my favourite garden nursery for veggie seeds to plant tonight in those little containers.  The goal is to transplant them around the May long weekend, or just after...a good time to plant around here.  I don't have much space for a garden, unfortunately, though this year we'll add marginally to our capacity by using an unplanted area in our front yard - this won't be terribly attractive from the street, but Matthew really, really, wants to plant some bigger things, like watermelon, cantaloup, pumpkins, and sunflowers!  I'm hoping that we'll see the fruit of last year's rhubarb planting and, in addition, we'll be planting:  a bunch of large and cherry tomatoes; zucchini; carrots; beans; and kale.  
  • After Matthew's cousin spent the afternoon here on Friday, playing, the two of them decided that she should spontaneously sleep over again.  So she did...and they had such a great time.  They're so great to watch together.  Of course, because the sleepover hadn't been planned, she had to borrow some of Matthew's pjs (she keeps a toothbrush here and really, what more do you need when you're six!).  This time I found matching pjs for them.  They looked adorable - don't worry, I won't show the picture I took when they both mooned me!
Matthew with M, working on perler bead designs:

Very occasionally, we do a Friday movie night - the kids wanted one this weekend, so this is of them watching good ol' Peter Pan (on our eighteen-year-old tv! I know - we're prehistoric):

They were adorable.  They love to cozy up together with pillows and blankets!

In their matching shark jammies:

Collapsing on the couch in some completely non-understandable moment of hilarity:

All in all, especially after a harder week last week (low spirits and all), it was a good weekend.

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  1. glad you had a good weekend and I hope that it signals the start of a better week too.