Sunday, April 11, 2010

While We're on the Subject of Good Meals...

...I thought I'd add one more series of pictures to describe dinner tonight.  Had the fam over and made a meal that all of us seem to enjoy:  pizza and salad.

The pizza is my version of Greek pizza (but no olives because most of us are mediocre, at best, on olives).  It was totally delish.

First my homemade crust, after an hour of rising and the rolling out:

Then the toppings: olive oil (instead of pizza/tomato sauce); herbs (basil, thyme, oregano, pepper); a bit of mozzarella cheese; tomatoes; poached, shredded chicken; lots of feta....mmmm:

Ready for the oven:

Fresh out of the oven...oh, the aroma!

And a big Greek salad (my version!) to go along with it:  cucs; lots of tomatoes; yellow and orange peppers; onion; feta...topped with an olive oil, lemon and herb vinaigrette.

Yikes, I may need to get a slice of the leftovers out of the freezer for a midnight's calling my name!

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  1. That all looks so delicious! If I lived closer, I would be coming to get the leftovers out of your freezer!!! Are you sharing your pizza dough recipe?