Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Wait Will Continue

A bit of downer news this morning.  I just talked with someone at Imagine...although there are a number of referrals in the midst of being prepared, there are no siblings in process at the moment.  Great news for those (including a fellow Manitoban - yeah Laura!) waiting for a singleton referral...not so great for those of us waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting for a sib referral.


  1. Oh no
    this must have been very hard to hear
    so sorry
    I still feel you are not that far away and the kids that really need you have not made their way to the orphanage or they have not started the papers.

    I do not think this thought will make the day easier, but I hope that you where able to get some info from Imagine helped that you know the phone is not ringing right away . I am so glad they where honest

    All the best as you settle in for a bit more of a wait
    Sending you great thoughts


  2. joyandgeoffsplace.blogspot.comApril 14, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    That really is disappointing. While I don't necessarily expect there to be as many sibling referrals, I figured there must be some on a regular basis...

  3. Ruth, what is your number on the list again? We were originally 43 on the single list (now #25!)and 16 on the siblings list. Looks like the way things are going we'll be referred a single you can scratch us off the sibling list, lol. Just thought you would want to know that you are closer than you think, lol. :)