Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Weekend already??

I am woefully behind in spring and easter prep this year.  Usually, I put out little spring-like displays on a table here or there, and do a bunch of baking, like these little spring basket cupcakes....

...but this year, not so much.  It's too bad because I love particularly the real reason for its existence, but also the family time that it usually dictates (this year my brother is even coming from Vancouver for the weekend) and the little traditions that we build around our family: chocolate egg hunts; easter bread (paska) with icing and sprinkles....  This year, perhaps because we were just away for a few days, perhaps because our house is in a state of reorganization-related chaos, it feels like easter is about two weeks too early and so I'm caught unprepared.  I always feel a bit guilty about such things - especially when I feel like I might be 'depriving' Matthew of another year's traditions.

Well, at least we'll get to do a bit more baking yet, and we'll colour some eggs yet...oh, and we can still do the chocolate egg hunt. And we are doing a big family dinner, this year with my brother, too.

Most importantly for me, we're talking around our house about the real reason we remember Good Friday and celebrate Easter.  So, whew, I guess we've got the most critical stuff stuff done after all!

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  1. love the Easter basket cupcakes. I am so tempted to go out and get he supplies to make them myself. who knows, maybe I will as we have no Easter plans at all.