Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Chapter

As I've mentioned before, Geoff learned last fall that his former company (where he was Financial Controller) was merging with another company and moving its new corporate office to Toronto.  We were offered a transfer to Toronto, but it didn't take long for us to decide that we wanted to stay put.  So Geoff went on a successful job hunt late last year; and his last day with the old company was in mid February.

After having four lovely weeks off between jobs, Geoff started his new job two weeks ago. His new role is Vice-President of Finance/CFO, for Red River Mutual Insurance.  So far, so good - I haven't seen him this career-happy for quite some time.  He has quite a bit of a daily commute, as the company is located about an hour south of us, but he's getting himself well stocked with music, pod casts, audio books, etc etc.  Though it's still early days, he finds the commute a fairly relaxing transition time so far.  I'm so thankful that he's able to work at something that mostly enables me to be at home with Matthew; I don't take this for granted.  That's not to say that it's not hard at times; another income would be very helpful at times (during regular times, but especially when it comes to a two year IKEA list to help us make our home a bit comfier, or when it comes to having to plan for a second trip to Ethiopia).  Though he is making a bit more money in his new job, commuting costs will take care of that increase and then some.  But the job opportunity is a really good one for him and I'm very grateful that we have the option of me being mostly at home.

I'm very proud of Geoff - he's a very, very hard worker, a highly competent and capable person, and a committed employee.  Any employer would be lucky to have a guy like him on their team - he gives his employer a level of commitment that one doesn't often see anymore.

It's great seeing him excited about taking on a new challenge!

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