Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Worth the (Second) Trip

It's been confirmed by Imagine Adoption:  effective sometime in mid May (news reports in Ethiopia suggest May 08), families will need to travel twice as part of the adoption process.  In addition to travelling after immigration process are complete, to pick up your children, families will now have to travel a few months earlier when the federal court approves the adoption.  See my earlier post for further details:  Will this Journey Never End??

I understand the reasons for the new law, but the impact is pretty severe: financially, obviously; emotionally, as well.  I cannot imagine leaving our children in Ethiopia after having met them.  I also cannot imagine leaving children who have already been left, thus adding to the abandonment issues that they will already struggle with.  Those poor children.

Not sure what we're going to do.  There's an obvious answer, granted:  travel twice.  Then there's the less obvious answer:  travel once; Geoff returns to Canada after a week to resume work; and Matthew and I stay there.  Post court, once the children are legally ours in Ethiopia, it may (or may not) be possible to take custody of them, and then simply live there while immigration processes are completed (which can take eight to sixteen weeks or even, heaven forbid, longer).  Wow - so many decisions, and we haven't even received our referral yet.  Will we ever receive our referral?

Oh, this journey is so hard.

* Thanks for the comments, everyone, and for the encouragement.  Wouldn't THAT be something, Shannon, if Matthew and I and our two 'new' children were camped out in ET and you were to come over on your court trip and come play with us!!  Come to think of it, that would be a great way to meet a LOT of people.  That would be awesome!


  1. So worth an extra trip !!!!!!!

    But what a trip !!!!!!!!!!

    far and hard and wonderful,

    I am so excited to go to court , dread the money thing.
    I will not be able to stay , well unless we have worked on some visa miracles by then.

    As I am self employed single and zero maternity leave so I will be juggle some serious juggling !

    I am less is shock as pretty much had expected the two trip after the shock of the first time,

    oh yes and then there is leaving the baby behind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHERE will we find the strength ?? Guess we will we have made it this far !!!!!!

    Ok all the best as we digest a new reality

    Sending good vibes, ( ok here's a fun thought maybe you will be camped out in Ethiopia for my court date and I can come and play with you in real life )


  2. I'm planning to stay as well, and hope I can take custody of our baby! Crossing my fingers!!!

    This is all a bit much isn't it?

    J xo

  3. I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to spend 2-3-4 months in a foreign country. I'm such a homebody that the idea completely scares me. But I think I love the idea of staying with my child more. I guess we'll all have to see what happens by then and see how long the court process is.... :)

  4. It will be worth it! I think there may be some benefits to the two trips (although there will be lots of drawbacks). When we went, it was such a chaotic whirlwind that we hardly got to do or see anything but with two trips or one extended one, there would be more opportunity. Plus it may be less traumatic for the kids (especially the older ones) to go with people that they have met before than not.

    But I totally get all the hard stuff too. Glad that you are finding the silver lining!