Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Playin' the Violins for Myself...

Well, just after I posted last week about how ideas for my blog tend to come to me on the weekends, I hit a slump - I haven't really felt like posting for a number of days.  What do they say about pride coming before a fall???!

Actually, I think it's just tiredness.  Matthew and I have continued to struggle with the virus that caught up with us in early January - for days at a time, we feel great and think we've gotten over it, only to be hit again with sore throats, ear aches and major coughing fits.  We've been in another downward cycle and, added to that, I've been exhausted by having to be up with Matthew several times during the night as he's been coughing and vomiting all over his bed....  So, he and I were in the walk-in clinic again on Sunday because of all of our coughing-to-the-point-of-vomiting (a funny story about that later).  The waiting room was full of other hackers!   Though we could hardly hear the doc's voice over the din of our coughing fits, I think he said that our airways are really irritated by the virus, kinda like an asthmatic's might be...resulting in all of the intense coughing that I'm sure has been driving everyone around us nuts (hmm, is that why Geoff worked late the other night??).

So we're both on two weeks of asthma medicine to relax our airways, as well as on a 3-times daily does of some kind of codeine-laced cough suppressant that makes us sleepy.  Yikes.  I hate taking meds...but I'm so ready to take 'em now because I hate being sick even more than I hate taking meds!  The medicine is starting to work on me, but Matthew's still afflicted, poor thing - he's hardly eaten since Monday morning, because the coughing makes his stomach feel horrid and then he ends up throwing things up.  In fact, I think he also has a touch of stomach flu to add to his misery.  So I've been practically force-feeding him little Boost nutrient-enriched puddings today, just to get a few nutrients and calories down him...little wee bits at a time so that he doesn't vomit it up.  We've spent the better parts of our last few days laying low: staying in our pjs; watching nature DVDs (side note: the BBC natural history series, including planet earth and all of the others, are awesome!!); drawing pictures; reading dozens of books together while we lie on the couch or in bed; listening to Adventures in Odyssey CDs (again, while lying on the couch or in bed)...all with Matthew's yogurt-container clutched in his hand in case of another upchuck.

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