Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When You Least Expect It.

So just one funny story from about a week ago.  Warning: vomit story coming.

I had one short work-related meeting to attend last week and I was on my way to it, driving 80 km/hour down a local highway.  With absolutely no warning, a huge wave of nausea hit me and I realized that I was about to, that second.  There was no time or possibility of pulling over in the traffic, and it occurred to me that I was about to vomit all over myself.  In the split second it took to register all of this information, I leaned over, grabbed the rubbermaid container holding my unfinished bagel, dumped the container over (shooting my bagel onto the van floor under my feet), and barely managed to position it under my chin before my stomach contents vacated my body.  I confess that I was laughing at the silliness of the situation even as I heaved another four times into my container.

At some point in the middle of this fifteen-second episode, I happened to glance at a car on my left, driving along at the same speed as me.  The person in the passenger seat was staring at me with open-mouth horror, gagging repeatedly as he watched me.  I can't say I blamed the poor guy - I must have been quite the sight:  driving at 80 km; one hand on the wheel; the other hand holding my 3/4 full container under my chin; tears running down my cheeks (that just happens to me when I vomit - I don't know why - Matthew, too); and me laughing amidst the spew coming forth from my mouth.  Yikes - I hope I haven't just made anyone else feel like know how contagious it is!

I guess I have the stomach flu.


  1. Am laughing out loud with tears in my eyes (all by myself, which always seems strange, and is making my dogs think something exciting is about to happen) - this is too funny to gross me out!

    All I can think of to blog about these days are new products I've tried, and which crafts I'm doing (most unfinished, as per usual). Thanks for the laugh :)

  2. Oh, and I hope vomiting while driving is not considered a traffic offense in Manitoba...(now I'm just snickering).

  3. oh Ruth - SO funny!! oh my, I am wiping tears right now!

  4. Hysterically laughing here.

    (where is your e-mail address?)

  5. bahaahaa!!!! i am spewing LAUGHTER out. that is so so funny!

  6. Ha! Funny! And they say texting while driving is dangerous....