Friday, February 5, 2010 Addiction??

Every week, I grow anxious about what I'm going to post the next week.  My goal is to post approximately five times/week, usually on week days...I figure that not many people read blogs on the weekends (except for me!), so I usually take some time on the weekend to think about what I might want to post during the next week.  And the same thing happens every single weekend: I think that I've got nothing left to post about; I begin to despair, and think that my love of writing must be dimming.

Then, there's usually some kind of lightning bolt experience - I think of something to post about!  I'm thrilled.  Then I'm amazed because, right on its heels, another idea comes.  Thus, by the end of the weekend, I usually have posts partially or mostly written for the first few days of the week...with other ideas percolating.  Of course, then the week comes, and something happens that I want to blog about, and the posts that I have planned on the weekend fall back - either postponed or forgotten about altogether.  It's a funny thing how that happens.

What's fascinating to me is how much I love the interaction with people who read this blog.  When I'm at home, I look for readers' comments a few times throughout the day...wondering if anyone's read it today and utterly thrilled when I see that there is a comment waiting for me or when I see that someone has signed up to be a follower!  I love it.  I love blogging - whether I'm working on my own blog or following other people's blogs.  For those of you whose blogs I follow or read, I check every single day to see if you've written anything.  I think it's the snoopy side of me - I want in on people's lives.  I am curious about people, want to know how people live their lives and what's important to them.  I want to glean from others' experiences and I often derive some kind of inspiration from them.

Quite simply, I'm addicted to blogging.  I never would have thought it, but there's my confession.  I wonder if there's a blogging counterpart to AA's twelve step program...


  1. Sign me up...I am the same way. Whenever there is a lull in my busy day, I check mine as well. I am usually pretty down if I have no comments, and like you, get excited when I see a comment!!!

    Is it sad? Maybe. Do I care? No.

    My husband is now encouraging me to blog often, as he wants to be able to look back on this like a diary, so we can see what we were doing and thinking the day she was born.

    Well, my students are watching 'Charlotte's Web', in celebration of finishing the novel, so I should maximize my time by tidying up!

  2. It's getting close to an addiction for me too! It's so great to have another thing to "check." One of my buddies defends blogging as a very inexpensive hobby. I agree.