Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Worm is Hot"

Matthew read his first ever little book yesterday - an early reader called Worm is Hot.  Actually, for the most part, it was an easier read than he is already capable of; but I've been strategically waiting to introduce him to any early reader books until I thought (based on book content) he'd have a really good chance of being able to read the whole thing.  I want him to have some early successes before I challenge him with something that's harder than he's accustomed to.  This strategy seemed to pay off yesterday.  When he read Worm is Hot, he figured out every single word by himself, including the words he's never seen before, such as: "worm," "another,""blows," and "away."  He seemed somewhat pleased with himself, but I was a bit surprised that he seemed mostly to take it as matter of fact - kinda like 'yeah, of course I can read this.'

I was also surprised by my reaction to his accomplishment.  What I did was give him a high five and commend his effort at sounding out the words.  But what I felt was something far deeper and more meaningful.  I had to hide my tears!  My baby read a book - albeit a little early reader, but a book nonetheless!!!  For a mom who so loves reading, this was a big thing for me to see. It felt awesome, too, to know that it is me who is having the privilege of teaching him to read - I never in a gazillion years thought I'd be the one doing this.  After Matthew had moved on to do something different, I quietly went to another room and just enjoyed a moment by myself...a moment that involved a few tears and a  clutching of the Worm book to my heart.


  1. SO great! I am an avid reader also, and hope one day my children will love books as much as I do too, so it is so nice to read success stories from other parents!!!! good for Matthew and good for you!

  2. yay!! congrats to matthew! :) that is a bg day. AND congrats to you--you did that! :)