Thursday, July 13, 2017

Today's Highlights

Another day at the cottage...and a day of perfect weather and fab relaxation. We spent a little time doing some school-like stuff, and did a few easy chores; but basically the kids spent hours in and on the water, having such a good time. They got along pretty well all day, which feels like a bit of a miracle! :)

By the time 5:00pm came, we were all a little sun-tired, and feeling a little lazy. So instead of making a real supper, we made a couple of huge bowls of popcorn, pulled some fruit out of the fridge, and sat down to some Netflix watching. It was a fun way to end the day.

I can tell that I'm finally starting to relax a little after the winter's busy schedule because every time I sit down for a few minutes I start to fall asleep...this is very unlike me, so I'm thinking my body is trying to right a bunch of wrongs from, well, the past year or so. I'm thankful I'm in a place where I can allow myself to just drift off for twenty minutes if that's what I need.

And so comes to an end another day.

About 6:15 this morning...glassy lake, misty air...the only sounds the symphony of birds. The kids were still sleeping and so I had a great hour to commune with nature and have a little chat with God.

The best part of today's breakfast for the kids? Orange juice. Somehow when we're
at the cottage, the usual rules don't apply quite a strictly!

Loving, loving, loving the genuine and easy smiles I've been 
getting from my boy this week!! :)

The two amigos.  Charlie on the left, Finn on the right.

And lots of water time was a perfect day.



  1. Woo hoo! Look at you! Four posts this week! I love it.
    And by the way, I would never tire of looking at the morning mist over the lake. My heavens, is there anything more beautiful? Enjoy!

    1. For some reason, I just now received your comment Jill...thank you!!

      It feels good to be back to blogging...soo good. I'm hoping I can keep it up when the busy-ness of fall strikes again.

      The mornings here at the cottage are definitely my fav time of day - incredibly peaceful, no bugs, just birds and the sound of water. Totally love it...and I always feel closer to my Creator at these moments.