Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Something I Never Imagined I'd See: All Three of my Kids with Books!!

Earlier this week, Seth found four old hammocks in the boathouse, and strung them all up between a few trees outside the cottage.  The kids have been relaxing in them and playing games in them for hours over the past few days.

This afternoon, just a little while ago, in fact, the kids announced that they were going outside for a while; this worked for me because I was starting supper.  But twenty minutes later, it was so quiet that I began to worry, and so I poked my head out the door just now.

This is the sight that greeted me just moments ago:

All three kids are lounging in hammocks with books!  

Matthew and Lizzie are reading their chapter books, and Seth has his headphones on and is listening to his audio book.  They are so engrossed that they barely even noticed me sneaking outside to take these pictures...I'm not certain that Seth registered me at all.  Absolutely amazing!

Yes, I'm letting Matthew (pictured with Finn) read The Hunger Games.  I've asked him to wait to read it for over two years, until I thought he was old enough; and the time came a few days ago when I said it was ok.  He's still a somewhat reluctant and slow reader, so imagine my delight when, over the past two days, he's regularly been disappearing into a bedroom or outside with his book.  Music to my ears that he's so enthused about a book!

Seth and Lizzie (with Charlie)...totally absorbed.  This is the third time Lizzie is reading her book, Smile.  She's just learned to read this year, and is improving every week!

Who says miracles never happen??!!


  1. Wow Ruth, that is so exciting!! Those hammocks are going to be put to good use this summer! ;)

    I know exactly how you feel - it took a long time for J to get into books, but once she did, there's been no stopping her. She used to sit for hours staring at a book, trying to convince us she was reading. (I don't know why, she was holding the dang thing upside down!). I finally gave her Anne of Green Gables - told her it was my favorite when I was her age. She told me the only reason she took it & read it was because she wanted to figure out how old I was. I bought it in pink - her fave color. She took it very suspiciously, between thumb & forefinger, like a dirty sock. She came bursting out of her room all excited. 'Anne's an orphan, just like me! And she likes to yap, just like me! The front says there's more books - can we get them?' And a love affair was born - one that will last for a lifetime. We laugh now about those upside down books - she said she was just being stubborn. If she had known what was waiting for her, she would have been all over it. I told her - she had to make the decision on her own. We both laughed - she couldn't figure out my age from AOGG, but she gave up trying once she got lost in the story.

    Happy reading/listening! Cindy

    1. That's an AWESOME story, Cindy!! And you do know exactly how I'm feeling about this!!

      Matthew's about 2/3 done his Hunger Games book now and he's still loving it. It's a little sad to me that this is his first 'big' novel, but oh well...whatever it takes!

      I'm hoping we get to the Anne books in the next year...I so want my kids to love them as much as I did.

      Blessings, and hugs, Cindy!