Monday, June 27, 2016 the Van???

Conversation in the van a couple of hours ago; we had just left the city and were driving on the highway.

Matthew:  "Mom, I may have to use a bathroom in a few minutes...gotta poop."

Mom:  "Matthew, really?  We just left the city where there were about 100 bathrooms couldn't have thought of this one minute ago?"

Matthew:  "When you gotta go, you gotta go.  But no worries.  I can hold it."

Mom:  "Good.  I think you're going to have to, for about a half hour."

(silence for a minute or two)

Seth (laughing, but laughing with an edge of horror...he undoubtedly knew what was coming):  "Matthew, why are you putting one of the dog's poop bags down the back of your pants?"

Matthew:  "Well, I said that I needed to poop.  What better reason to use a poop bag?"


Honestly, that child.  I can just never predict what crazy or weird thing he's going to do next.

(And no, he did not do the deed.  I yelled at him to stop before he proceeded any further.  But had I not put a stop to it, I can guarantee that he would have given it his best shot.)

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  1. Sooo crazy funny! What an adventure your boy leads you on through life 😃 It will be really neat to see where his creativity and unique perspective on problem solving will take him in life!