Friday, June 17, 2016

Photos from the Past Month

Here are some photos from the past month that I particularly like:

Playing "Pie Face" as a family...all five of us got pied!

The dogs:

Charlie...needing extra cuddle time with me since Finn joined the family: 

Lizzie with Finn:

Phinnea...aka Finn:

The kids at their piano recital:

The moms and kids of our Learning Centre:

Moms preparing "Leaf Trees" to recognize our three graduates this year:

Our three graduates this year:

LC kids painting LC kids:

Free rides:

Kayaking in the reeds with Learning Centre friends:

Learning Centre beach day:

Some Pictures of the kids:

What our kitchen table looks when I'm reading out loud to the kids:

Matthew's freshly washed and combed hair:

Me standing directly in line with a friend's antlers:

A few photos of my favourite flowers...lilacs in the yard:


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  1. I love all these photos, but especially love Lizzie's boots at the piano recital and the ones of the kids in front of the lilacs, and the close-ups of the lilacs (one of my favourite flowers, too).