Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Just Made Lizzie's Day

We just realized that the fourth Penderwicks book came out last year (I knew this but had totally forgotten), and I downloaded it a few seconds ago from audible.com and onto Lizzie's ipod.  That girl has listened to the first three in the series about ten times over...she can recite much of it, I'm sure.  And when she heard that The Penderwicks in Spring was available on audio now and that it meant almost ten hours in listening time for her, she jumped up and down and shrieks cries of joy and disbelief.  I thought she might cry!

She begged me to go upstairs to her bedroom to start listening now, claiming she didn't need to eat again today because she would be all filled up with story.

A girl after my own heart.  And I just made her day...probably made her next two weeks, in fact, because I've no doubt that she'll be listening to this book over and over and over again.

Please, someone, tell me that Jeanne Birdsall is coming out with a Penderwicks #5 sometime soon??

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