Saturday, April 30, 2016


...Phinnea (aka Finn)  

She'll be ten weeks old tomorrow, she's cute as a button, and she's going to be a great companion for Charlie and the rest of us, if today is any indication.  Finn is a Havanese pup, just like Charlie, and they are biologically cousins.

I've been waiting for months (again!!) to tell the kids that they were going to have a second puppy, and finally, today was the day.  Thank goodness...I've been so close to giving the surprise away.

The day I drove out to choose Finn, she was 10 days old and simply adorable.  I've visited her another four times, and Charlie has come with me three times; it was a great strategy, because Finn knew both Charlie and me by the time we went to pick her up today.  The two dogs have spent hours playing outside already, and are quickly becoming friends.  Charlie is already schooling her on how to play, and Finn is very responsive to her.

While I was driving up the driveway with Finn and Charlie this morning, Geoff had the kids in the basement, tidying up (so they wouldn't see me pull up in the van).  When I took the dogs into the backyard, I texted Geoff that we were ready to go, and he announced to the kids that it was time to clean up the back yard!  Up and out they came, and they all shrieked when they saw a beautiful little pup coming into our backyard.  Matthew had to look at her name tag and phone number before he believed that she was really ours.  Lizzie started to cry, and the boys both clapped their hands to their mouths...all three totally shocked.

Yay!  The surprise worked!

We've had a relaxed, dog-focused day and had my parents over for dinner to introduce them to the latest in the menagerie.

I'm not totally looking forward to the next 6-8 weeks - full of potty training and settling into new routines.  But Finn's showing signs of being just like Charlie in her excellent temperament, great natural orientation towards people, and total cuteness!  I would highly recommend the Havanese breed to anyone wanting a non-shedding, fantastic-with-people-including-kids, small dog.

Welcome to the family Finn!


  1. Heehee! A puppy! She's adorable!

  2. thx Ellen...yeah, she's pretty sweet, too!

  3. She is awfully cute! Speaking from experience, 2 poochies are much better - and more fun - than 1! The training may be easier this time around - you may be surprised. Congratulations on the addition to the family! :)