Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am Currently Vacationing

Further to my post earlier today, I'm just now experiencing another 'vacation' moment:  I sent the kids up to clean up their bedrooms, and their rooms are messy.  What that tends to mean is that they'll turn on an audio book to accompany their room clean-up, which in turn means that they will take about twice as long as otherwise to clean up their bedrooms.

Barring sporadic interruptions when the kids come running down to check on something, or just to check in with me,  I might even get up to an hour's vacation this morning!! to spend that vacation getting a cup of chai going?  Tough choice.  Ahhh...the glory of vacationing...


  1. I vote for the cup of chai and a book just for you :-) I know you have already spent your hour vaca but thought I'd chime in anyway!

    1. Thanks Allison...that's sweet. I ended up with about 45 minutes. I did have a cup of chai, while I sat in our library chatting on the phone with a friend...which led to some good laughter moments!
      The kids' bedrooms don't look all that great, to be honest, but they're better than they were before, and I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow morning, they might need another time of clean up!!



  2. Yay for a break for you and for laughter! Yay for a chat with a friend and kids learning to clean their rooms. Not sure when we'll be able to have chai together - I've been working full time for the last two weeks and have three more weeks to go. Hopefully we'll figure something out. Take care my friend.