Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

Yes, I'm still here, and with best wishes for a wonderful new year!

We've been away again this Christmas/New Year's season...just back during the wee hours of Sunday, two days ago. I'll talk more about our trip yet, but that might take a little more time than I have at the moment.  Life has quickly jumped back into the usual routine and I've accelerated from 0 to 100 in the past couple of days as we have resumed more normal schedules.  I've still only unpacked two of our five suitcases...and I'm still tired and recovering from the late night of travel home on Sunday morning.  

Sunday evening, despite being tired and a little out of sorts from our arrival home that morning, I was out until late as well, enjoying an extended visit with a dear friend who is living in New York City this year and who was home for the holidays...there was no way on earth I was going to miss an opportunity to catch up with her.  She's my oldest friend and we've spent a lot of time apart over the years, but she's one of those lifer kinds of friends who take no time at all to feel re-connected with.  It was a lovely evening and well worth the extra bit of tiredness Monday morning!

Monday was filled with taking down Christmas decorations, piano lessons, doing a little unpacking and a lot of laundry, and generally tidying throughout the house - we had a contractor here until the day we left on vacation, fixing many of the things that needed fixing after our summer of water damage issues, and the house was (and mostly still is, despite Monday's cleaning efforts) a dusty mess of rooms and things all out of order and moved all around to accommodate painting and re-drywalling and fixing of baseboards and carpets, etc etc etc.  

Today, Tuesday, the day was spent preparing for and then being at our Learning Centre during the day; then, after a quick rush home to drop the kids off with Geoff (and make a quick snack for my evening meeting), I spent this evening with the other LC moms so that we could plan our Tuesdays through to the end of June.  Though tired after another long day, I feel very blessed to be part of this wonderful group of women; they have made me feel so at home with them these last several months.  It's a lot of fun to be part of a group of like-minded women who are all committed to providing a rich and varied life for their children.  We have planned for at least four events to be carried out every Tuesday (in addition to a heavy upcoming schedule of drama practice for the kids' April performances of Romeo and Juliet):  Hands-on science; a wonderful arts/crafts program (from moccasin making to Ukrainian easter eggs, from arm knitting to sewing, and more); a field trip every month; Current Affairs; Writing and Secret Writing Clubs; three different Book Clubs; French Language classes; Local-Food Cooking Classes; even Ukelele lessons!  What's not to love if you're a kid getting to attend this Learning Centre while at the same time hanging out with friends??

And now, suddenly, finally, it's late Tuesday evening and I'm home and and it's edging close to midnight, and the house is blessedly quiet, and it's the first moment since waking up this morning (to the jump-started sight and sound of Lizzie's face two inches from my face as she stood crouching over my bed, blowing air on my face so that I would wake up and open my eyes) that I've had to myself.  I can just sit and breathe for a few minutes before getting ready for bed.

I love this moment.  I'm going to relish it, and just think for a few moments, then brush my teeth, then fall into bed.  Tomorrow, and all of its excitements, will arrive very soon.

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