Friday, December 19, 2014

Style and Anniversary Dinners

Geoff and I are going out for dinner tonight to celebrate our anniversary, while the kids have dinner with my folks.

A few moments ago, when I was talking about it with the kids, Lizzie's first question was to ask what I was going to wear.  I said that I had no idea.

Lizzie's excited response:   "I wanna style you up, Mommy!"

Where does she get this stuff?

Though, actually, I could use the is much more Lizzie's forte than my own.

P.S.  Lizzie is plotting...sitting there and seriously plotting my look for tonight.  I don't understand people like her.  :)  She's mumbling to herself things like, "she needs to have makeup on...oh, and she needs to wear a dress...she never wears dresses...hmm...what to do...".  I'm not sure how to handle this situation.  I do plan to shower...

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  1. Hope you have a fabulous night out! I'm sure you will look lovely. My girls always wish I would wear more dresses than I do. Happy Anniversary to both of you.