Saturday, November 22, 2014

Halloween Pictures...A Little Late

I've finally uploaded some pictures so I can show off my Banana, nameless Star Wars character, and Snow White.  I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, as you may recall from previous years, but I do enjoy watching the kids having fun dressing up and running about.

Every year, after an hour of trick-or-treating, we let the kids tank on much as they want for  up to an hour.  Frankly, they spend the majority of that time sorting through everything and nibbling on things here and there - the end consumption is never as much as I think it's going to be.  They just love having license to eat as much as they want.  Then the candy usually sits around for most of the year.  I threw out last year's candy about two months ago!

This year we made a change, given how many leftovers we always have.  A night of two after Halloween we let them tank on it for a second evening, after a healthy dinner.  Then we packed everything up and it's now waiting to be donated to a local organization that loves to include candy with their food hampers.  Surprisingly, the kids haven't given me a hard time about it at all...they want to be the ones to hand over the candy.  I guess when you know that Christmas is around the corner, you don't have to worry about where the next batch of junky food is going to come from.  And then, of course, it's Valentine's...and Easter... .

                           Matthew                                                                               Seth

Lizzie..wig and all


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