Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Recipe: Our Favourite Blueberry Snack

Sometime last year, the five of us started eating a snack that we have come to absolutely love...and which we eat pretty much every day (even a number of times while we were on vacation); it makes for a great afternoon snack, and it also makes for a delicious post-dinner dessert...sometimes both!  It's easy, it's delicious, and it's healthy.  The kids are so wild about this snack that they wanted me to post it here so that others can benefit from it.

We've argued endlessly about the name of this snack but we simply cannot come to agreement.  So for now it's the nameless frozen blueberry snack!

The ingredients are simple and they all come from Costco (though one could certainly buy them elsewhere).

The basic version contains only three ingredients:

* Wild, organic, frozen blueberries
* Organic, unsweetened (0g sugar) coconut milk
* Organic palm sugar.

Directions:  In a mug, pour as many frozen blueberries as desired.  Pour coconut milk over the blueberries, just until it reaches the top row of the blueberries.  If desired, sprinkle over a teaspoon of coconut palm sugar for a bit of sweetness.  Mix it all up, until the coconut milk becomes a little frozen/thick from the frozen blueberries.  Eat it!  I find that coconut milk takes on the flavour it whatever it's served with - when I began substituting coconut milk for regular cow's milk a number of months ago, the kids didn't even notice the difference...if anything they liked it more.

A favourite variation to this snack is simply to put all of the ingredients into the Vitamix blender (with a little bit of extra coconut milk, perhaps, to make it more 'blendable') and blend it up into what tastes remarkably like a blueberry milkshake.  Pour it into your glass, pop in a straw and it's ready to go!

A final variation on the original mug of goodness is to sprinkle a tablespoon of Nature's Path Qi'a on top of the finished mug of blueberries and coconut milk.  Qi'a is a dry, cereal-like mixture of chia seeds, buckwheat and hemp hearts, with some sliced almonds and cranberries thrown in...it's delicious, and also from Costco.  It's expensive (around $15/bag) but you only use a tablespoon at a time so it lasts a good long time, even for a family of five.  Just remember to shake the bag really well before opening it the first time, to mix the ingredients together well.

Anyway, we all hope that you enjoy this simple and delicious snack!!


  1. another variation... use Buttermilk! (especially lovely organic buttermilk if you can find it). and a little drizzle of maple syrup. I'd like to say i invented it, but it's from the Moosewood Cookbook and they say it's their most popular smoothie recipe. They don't add vanilla... but that's nice too.... or a little bit of rosewater in it is amazing.

    1. Mmmm...yummy...thanks for the suggestions!