Monday, June 2, 2014

Home From Vacation...and Photos

It's tough coming back from vacation!

The five of us got back on Saturday night from a fifteen day trip to Ontario, visiting family and friends there.  That marked fifteen days out of normal routine, fifteen days of not having to menu plan, fifteen days of easy child care, fifteen days of visiting, and, well, you get the idea!!

We stayed with Geoff's sister and BIL on their dairy farm and let me tell you that my children had a blast. They are still recovering from being at home, and have cried the last two nights at bedtime because they weren't still on the farm!

And what's not to like, from their perspective??

They got to spend oodles of time with family (especially their beloved auntie L); stroked and cuddled four newborn calves every day, born while we were there; threw a thousand balls for the farm puppy; found frogs and turtles and saw a water snake; climbed trees and play structures; went to a cattle auction; fed animals at two petting zoos; slept in the same room as their siblings and parents; went on nature hikes with their auntie (and parents); rolled down hills in at least six different places; went paddle-boating on the pond repeatedly; played on the beach a few times and collected sea shells; jumped into a lake fully clothed and without dry clothes to put on; roasted wieners and marshmallows over camp fires twice; rode on tractors and four wheelers with their cousin; got to watch the farm's milking take place and help feed a bunch of the calves; flew kites given to them by another uncle and aunt; played with lots of old and new friends (including friends of Seth's and Lizzie's from Ethiopia!); saw cool places like Niagara Falls and the Toronto Science Centre and St. Jacobs; returned utterly filthy from many a trek in the woods or marsh; ate dessert every day (sometimes twice...Matthew gained three pounds despite the physical exercise!).

The list could go on for a few pages, yet, but all that to say that they had a wonderful time!  Enjoy a few pictures!!




Geoff with his sister and the kids





Now...back to regular life!  What a wonderful time away that was!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip!
    So glad the kids enjoyed it.

  2. Welcome home! I've missed you a lot. The pictures are great. Matthew must have grown 5 inches! He's starting to look like adolescence isn't far away.....ack!!!! Nice photo of Geoff on his own, too. You all look happy and well.

  3. I was getting worried. It looks like an awesome vacation. Blissful actually. And I really like Matthew's hair! It just has a relaxed vibe that I hope he feels too.

  4. Welcome back! Looks like an excellent time away. Missed you!