Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some Awesome Photos!

It's been a few months since I've posted pictures of the kids...mostly because my computer and my phone/camera are not communicating these days.

However, on the weekend, Geoff and I took the kids downtown and participated in a 'pop-up' photo session.  For those who aren't familiar with what a pop-up studio is, pop-up galleries are a growing trend across North America where artists get together and combine their efforts to create a venue for themselves to display their art for a day (or an hour or a weekend).  Pop up studios come and go, typically appear in places not usually associated with art exhibitions, and possess an element of surprise in which attendees usually stumble upon the exhibit when/where they least expect to.  They provide opportunity for artists to show their work in a way that, perhaps, standard galleries wouldn't allow.  They're kind of a fascinating phenomenon!

Anyway, the professional photographer (@heykiddo) we went to see at this pop-up studio had a simple white backdrop and, over the course of about 15 minutes, took casual shots of my kids.  For $50, she took about 50 shots of the kids and sent most of them to me on Monday via dropbox.  It was a great opportunity to have a bunch of photos taken for a fraction of the price of a planned, fancy photo shoot.  As an added bonus, she invited Geoff and me into a couple of the shots - so even though my hair needed a comb and my wardrobe could have used a boost, we got a couple of family shots.

Though clearly biased, I think my kids are beautiful!!  Enjoy a few highlights!


  1. Great pics!
    And Geoff is even in one! Wow!


  2. Love the new photos!!!!

  3. Fantastic pictures- I love how the photographer captured the kids interaction and spunk! You look great too, by the way.